mandala drawing

Zentangle® is a beautiful art form that anyone can create from repeating patterns. Using the finest archival materials and following a simple set of steps, participants will be able to achieve a relaxed state of focus by concentrating on drawing one line at a time.

Zentangle® was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. They set out to design a system to make this enjoyable kinesthetic meditation available to everyone. Their system intentionally removed many of the barriers people have to making creativity and relaxation a part of their lives.

  • Zentangle® materials consist of just a few items which are easily portable. Zentangles® can be created while waiting for an appointment or standing in the grocery line!
  • All decision-making is broken down into easy choices so as not to be intimidating. The structure allows creativity to soar!

In a Zentangle® workshop, students will experience that anything is possible, one stroke at a time! Zentangle® can be learned by children, adults and especially those who consider themselves "non-artists".

In addition to increasing relaxation and creativity, Zentangle® has been used by some to:

  • lower blood pressure
  • decrease insomnia
  • improve anger management
  • reduce anxiety
  • enhance group cohesion and
  • to deepen a spiritual practice.

Yoga for your brain!